You know you love Yuuri and Wolfram too much when-

1. You write fan fiction on them.
2. You make a website. *haha guilty*
3. You draw fan art with them *wink*
4. You have dreams about them (o_0)
5. You can't stop thinking about it.
6. You would cry if anything is to happen to their engagment.
7. You would cry if either of them falls for someone else.
8. You want Conrad fans to back off.
9. You want Yuuri to stop being such a homophobe and just give up.
10. You want some action between the boys. *hehe*
11. You're annoyed because the action just isn't enough.
12. You watch the Yuuri and Wolfram scenes over and over again.
13. *Girls* Your guys have to have hot tempers, blonde, wavy hair, and bright green eyes.
14. *Girls* Your guys have to have black hair and eyes and be slightly dorky.
15. You fast forward through the Yuuri and Conrad scenes.
16. You fast forward through any other character scene.
17. You only read Yuuri/Wolfram fan fiction.
18. You're at this site!
19. You turn rabid at the very thought of Elizabeth. (courtesy of JadeCade)
20. You're reading this, hehe.

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