Many thanks to the people who let me host these on this site! If you can get a hold of the Doujinshi's on your own, then please do so. Help support the authors!

Title: Koyakusha wa shironyanko
Rating: R (very suggestive)
Scanned Credit: Miyu-Chan
Download :: Summary
Title: Radical Love
Rating: PG-13 (boys kissing)
Scanned Credit: Miyu-Chan
Download :: Summary

Here is a list of just a few of the doujins in Japan. If you want a place to download them (and others), then join Yuuramdjspleez on LiveJournal.

Royal Couple
Hana Choko
Wolfram Honey Anthology
Guru guru baby panic!
Chibbiko fork
Alice no Koibito
Flow, tears and love
Suki, kirai, suki
Hello! Honey baby!

Cutie Honey
Dawn # 3
Fuyu no Ne
Happy Luppy
Hibi wa Itsumo Azayaka Nandesu
Itsumo Issho Ni!
Kimi ga Hoshii Je te Veux
Sweet Memory
Yuugetsu # 1

If you have a doujin you would like me to link to (such as on DeviantArt) then just let me know I would be happy to help bring more readers to your drawings.

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