Koyakusha wa shironyanko

Credits: Miyu-Chan

Well, the story is this, Wolfram is sick, he has a sickness that makes him have both neko ears and a tail.
Yuuri comes to him bringing his medicine but he doesn't want it. - Too bad - said Yuuri - I was going to help you to drink it - (Yuuri you perv^O^)
Poor Wolfram stops him (he is adorable^^) before he leaves saying that if Yuuri was going to give it to him he would have taken the medicine^^
Then they kiss or better, Yuuri gives him the medicine mouth to mouth *squeals*
And since Wolfie was a good boy drinking his medicine, Yuuri said he would give him something in return, he just had to say what he wanted.
First it was a wedding contract but Yuuri said no, it was too soon.^^;
Second he wanted to bath together, but Yuuri said no because he was sick adding that he wouldn't be able to resist if they were to bath together.
Third..he asked to hug him.
Apparently Yuuri wanted to do more so well..they end up doing it^^;;;
(and with Yuuri asking Wolfram to say - Nyaaaa - during sex^^;)
When Conrad comes in their room he spots them asleep holding their hands and realizes Yuuri now has neko ears too^^; (this sickness was contagious but only via mouth, you can see Gwen reaction to that^O^O^)
That's pretty much the story^^

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