Radical Love

Credits: Miyu-Chan

The summary:
First page after the cover contains two little gags
The first one is Greta talking with Anissina telling her she would like a little sister, Anissina answers that sometday a stork (I hope I guessed it right) was going to bring a sister for her, then she says it's ok also a little brother, and Anissina answers that she should ask the Kumahachi for this. Then she says she would like Yuuri and Wolfram's child of love, Anissina looking at them answers that....for now it's still impossible since they are always fighting^^; (not to mention decidin who is on top^^;)
The second part is Wolfram thinking about Yuuri, they look like it's something romantic when instead he is sick on a boat^^;;;

Now on the first story
Wolfram and Yuuri are fighting, this time Yuuri is hiding behind Conrad who looks tired of all these fights, he asks Wolfram what is the reason they are fighting and Wolfram replies that it's not Conrad business, also, he asks why he is defending Yuuri if he doesn't know anything.
Conrad answers that he is taking his side because he is his supporter^O^
Then he says to please reconcile...because, well, in the end they both want to stop the fight..he knows it better because he is Yuuri's godfather and Wolfram's brother (means he knows them well)
The he leaves saying the third heel leaves. Wolfram comes very near Yuuri and states that Yuuri knows very well what he wants to talk about.
Yuuri pretends to ignore it and Wolfram first stops him and then kisses him saying that this time Yuuri has definitely to decide (he refers to their relationship) The he continues to kiss him while Yuuri tries to reply (quite weakly I would add) that the should stop because..they were in Conrad's room for God's sake^O^

Second story
Yuuri and Wolfram are going to the city when Cheri calls them, she is just back from another of the travles^^
She hugs Yuuri and then asks where were they going.
When she hears the answer she squeals thinking it's a date while Yuuri is fast to explain that it's not a date.
Then she asks how far did they go in their relatioship and again Yuuri immediately replies that there is no relationship! Then Wolfram leaves after listening to his answers, and when Yuuri finds him again he is in a bad mood.
Yuuri asks him what's happened, they were supposed to go to the town, Wolfram doesn't answer, instead he kisses him and then says that he should stop being this way. They are engaged, does Yuuri think that if it was a joke Wolfram would have continued this egangement thing? 
Then he asks, does Yuuri still think after this(he refers to the kiss)that there is nothing between them?
Yuuri answers: "there is...isn't it?"

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