But they are guys?! Yes, I'm well aware of that and I admit, after seeing these two boys I have turned into a total shounen-ai, yaoi fan. This is probably my favorite shounen-ai pair out of every single anime series I have watched. So now you can see why I'm making a shrine for them.

First of all I was having a hard time in deciding if I just wanted to make it a Wolfram shrine, cause he is just so kawaii!! But in the end I decided you just can't have Wolfram without his fiancée, Yuuri.

When I rented the first DVD to this series I was a little bit afraid of it being just plain silly, but right away I got attached to the characters of the series, especially these too. Quickly this series has become one of my favorites to the point that even if they never really get together in the end or if something bad happens, I will probably still love the series and the couple.

It's hard to write a 'why' page over this couple because there really isn't anything wrong with them! Almost everyone likes them, even if they aren't their favorite, they just can't hate them!

Sure Wolfram is bratty but that makes him, Wolfram, and sure Yuuri is a bit of a dork and loser but then if he actually thought things through and didn't act homophobic, he wouldn't be as lovable to us.

Wolfram was the last of the brothers that Yuuri meets in the series and right away he is impressed and stunned by the appearance of Wolfram. But that is only until Wolfram opens his mouth.

When Wolfram first meets Yuuri all he can think is, how can this wimp be the new king? Especially since it seems like Wolfram has a huge hate for humans and Yuuri is half human.

Because of Wolfram's cruel attitude towards Yuuri, it's no wonder why their relationship starts off kind of rocky. Yet, in time they grow a bond that is like no other character relationship in the series.

Now some people might think, they aren't really a couple in love and that might be true, for Yuuri, but you can't deny that Yuuri has definitely softened up to Wolfram and when it comes to Wolfram you can tell he cares deeply for Yuuri and is actually proud of his engagement. Also, some might think that Yuuri is closer to Conrad than he is to Wolfram. In my own opinion I think that he is closer to each of them in different ways, and that if Yuuri where to have any love feelings he would choose Wolfram in the end because Conrad has to much of a fatherly role.

The first series of Kyou Kara Maou series is now complete and it's ending isn't horrible! As for the novels... it still has a long way to go before it ends. BUT! There is now a KKM OVA which is Kyou Kara Maou R and then they plan to make a 3rd season to the TV series that follows after the OVA. I can't wait to see more Yuuri and Wolfram moments!

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