Name: Wolfram von Bielefelt
Age: 82
Appearance: 15
Race: Full Blooded Demon
Family: Mother, and two older brothers
Fiancee: Yuuri Shibuya
Power: To Control Fire
Likes: Magic ability
Dislikes: Motions like on a boat or carriage
Status: Mazoku Prince

Appearance: Wolfram has wavy blonde hair and bright green eyes, which isn't very common for the humans but is for the demons. He gets a lot of his looks from his mother though we don't really know what his father looks like to know if he resembles him anyway. He happens to look a lot like the Original King. In fact, the only huge difference between the two is that the Original King has blue eyes while Wolfram has green. He is usually wearing a blue uniform that gives off a very aristocrat feel to it. When he travels with Yuuri he will wear peasant clothes to help blend in. When he sleeps he usually wears a pink and frilly pair of pajamas.

Anime Personality: Wolfram has a hot tempered and bratty personality. He puts off a very arrogant air and it almost seems like he doesn't care about anyone, but in truth he has a very kind spot in him that he tries to hide. Most of his emotions are very blunt even if he is trying to hide them. When things get serious his mood changes. He isn't as fiery tempered and acts somber and gets really quiet. When he is serious he doesn't let his selfish or silly tantrums come out and he focuses everything on the task at hand. His attitude has given him some nick names such as Little Lord Brat and more but his strong personality is really good for letting people know how he feels. Yet, it can also be bad because - even though his facial features and body motions reflect how he really feels - his mouth always spouts out things that are the total opposite and it's usually cruel and hateful. So basically Wolfram will be one of those people who says one thing but means another.

Novel Personality: Wolfram still has a fiery temper and hot headed attitude but it is a little more toned down. He is also a lot more 'manly'. It is a fact that he just dresses in certain feminine close because he knows how uncomfortable Yuuri is with him being a man. Wolfram is also a lot more obvious about his love for Yuuri. He isn't just clingy and calling him a cheater (thought it still happens). He lets Yuuri know he loves him and has strong feelings for him, which is the biggest reason he won't end the engagement. He also tends to resemble his two brother - especially Gwendal - with his personality from time to time. He will get really cold and closed off to the point of -even Gwendal - telling him not to turn out like him. He can still let out his pure and raw emotions which reliefs Gwendal.

His Story: Wolfram was born as the third son of Cecilie von Spitzberg. He only shows great respect for his oldest brother and his mother and spouts mean comments to everyone else. He says he despises Conrad because he found out that Conrad is half human, but in truth he was just upset to find that Conrad was half human and would probably die a lot sooner than the rest of them.

He is also pretty proud of both his brothers and tries to hold up to their standards. Conrad cares deeply for his younger brother and even though Wolfram is always saying cruel things to him, he can't help but smile and love him anyways. It seems as though Wolfram hates human a lot, but in time you realize he might not hate them as much as he lets on (It is also assumed that his hatred for humans sprouted from his Father, but I'm not too sure on this). His engagement to Yuuri changes a lot of things for him and he holds a high regard for the marriage bond and plays his role the best he sees fit.

So everything Yuuri does he feels he must be with him and he gets extremely jealous when he thinks Yuuri is cheating on him. When they adopt a human child Wolfram seems to grow very fond of her and never even thinks once about her being a human, a race that he always said he hated so much. Wolfram is one of the characters that seems to go through the most character development.

Not much is mentioned about Wolfram's father, but it is obvious that he wasn't around much at all because when Wolfram is still really small his mother is asking him who he wants to be his new father. Wolfram never mentions anything about having a father so I think he really doesn't care about it. However he does have other family members other than his mother and brothers, such as his Uncle who is actually very fond of Wolfram.

Wolfram hates to be separated from Yuuri and always gets really lonely and bored when Yuuri has to go back to his own world. Because of this, he follows Yuuri just about everywhere he can. When ever Yuuri is in trouble Wolfram does not hesitate to jump in front of Yuuri and take the brunt of the blow. Most of the Mazoku people think of Wolfram as just a brat and that he will only wag his tail for his mother and oldest brother, but that couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't take Wolfram that long to get attached to other people, but his trust issues aren't as good as Yuuri's.

Wolfram's appearance resembles the Original Kings looks by a lot. The biggest difference between them would be the eye color. The fact that Wolfram happens to look a lot like the Original King gets to Wolfram but he never really says anything about it. However, there is a good reason as to why he looks like the Original King.

Voice Over Performers

Mitsuki Saiga
Other Roles:
Mai-Hime::Chie Harada
Peacemaker::Souji Okita
Stellvia::Masaru Odawara

Mona Marshall
Other Roles:
Armitage: Dual Matrix Movie::Julian
CardCaptor Sakura Movie2::Syaoran Li
Chobits::Minori Kokobunji
Last Exile::Lucciola
Love Hina::Motoko Aoyama
Tenchi Muyo! OVA3::Ryoko
Wolf's Rain::Toboe

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