Name: Yuuri Shibuya
Age: 15
Race: Half Human, Half Demon
Family: Mother, Father, and Older Brother
Fiancee: Wolfram von Bielefelt
Power: He is strong with any element.
Likes: Baseball
Dislikes: War
Status: Maou aka Demon King

Appearance: Yuuri has short black hair and black eyes - which is known as a really good thing for a Demon King. He usually wears a black school uniform for boys even in the other world. When he does some important task as Demon King he wears this uniform with a red cape or some sort of blue cloth on his shoulders. He sometimes wears peasant clothes of the other world to help blend himself including wearing brown contacts and dyeing his hair reddish-brown to look more human because - since he is a double black - people recognize him as the Demon King right away. He also has a nightwear which is usually blue flannel.

Anime Personality: Yuuri has a very easy going and friendly personality. Insults don't usually bother him and he can make friends with just about anyone. Also, he is quick to trust anyone and win the affections of many people. Which makes him a great leader in trying to reunite the Demons and Humans. His personality not only helps with getting good relationships with Humans and Demons, but with animals as well. An example would be how the Dragons love and trust him right away. Even though his personality has a lot of good points it also has some bad. Sometimes he is to quick to run out into danger and causes more harm than good. He would be really slow to pick up on feelings from people, either it be ultimate hate or love. He could also hurt someone emotionally without even realizing it.

Novel Personality - Yuuri's personality in the light novels is very different from in the anime. While he still has his naive and cheerful attitude he tends to lose control of himself under great stress or agitation. He has a darker side to him making him lash out when he is angry and also makes him a danger with his unstable powers. In the anime they give him an alter-ego that can control his powers well but he has no such thing in the light novels. Most of the time when he ends up using a huge chunk of his powers he can't remember anything about it and passes out for a some time. He is also a lot more perverted and insecure than in the anime. He has a lot of inferiority issues (or at least makes lots of comments and jokes about it in his head after seeing all the pretty people around him). He also doesn't trust as quickly in the light novels as he does in the anime. He has trust issues with Murata once he learns who he really is because he was lied to for so long.

His Story: Yuuri loves to play baseball but tries to hide his love for it because of something that happened to him in the past. He got mad at the coach and ended up punching him, then he quit the team. One day he is riding his bike home from school when he comes across Murata Ken being bullied. At first he is going to turn around and leave him but he ends up getting spotted and his conscience won't let him run so he interrupts - which turns all the heat on him giving Murata Ken the chance to run away.

The guys make fun of Yuuri's (advantage) name saying it is Furi - which means disadvantage - and then they take him to the girls restroom and give him a swirly *dunking his head in the toilet and flushing it*. During the swirly he gets pulled into another world. At first Yuuri is thinking he will go down in record as the first person to be flushed down the toilet, but then quickly learns he isn't even in his own world anymore.

In this other world he meets up with three brother and finds out that he is the new Maou (demon king) of their world. He is also surprised to learn that male/male relationships in that world are not uncommon and then he accidentally ends up being engaged to Wolfram.

Throughout the show Yuuri stays in the new world, taking on the position of Maou and learning many new things about the world with the occasional visits back to his own world. He also ends up adopting a little human girl as his own daughter.

Yuuri's destiny to be the new Maou was no accident. The Original King had it all planned out. It was Conrad that brought Yuuri's soul to earth. He was also partly responsible for Yuuri's name. When he met Yuuri's mother she was about to give birth. Conrad made his taxi pull over to pick her up and then told her that in his country Yuuri meant July. Yuuri was born in July and so his mother decided to give him that name. This is a reason as to why Yuuri calls Conrad his godfather.

But Yuuri's soul is not an ordinary one. It's - in fact - the soul of a very loved woman named Julia. She died during the war as part of the Original Kings plan. She was a good friend and very important person to Conrad. Having Julia's soul keeps him from being killed by certain people who once knew and cared about Julia.

Voice Over Performers

Takahiro Sakurai
Other Roles:
Bleach::Kira Izuru
Cromartie High Schhol::Takashi Kamiyama
Detective Loki::Old Loki
Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children::Cloud Strife
Getbackers::Kagami Kyoji
Peacemaker::Suzumu Yamazaki

Yuri Lowenthal
Other Roles:
Eureka 7::Renton
Fafner::Koyo Kasugi
Marmalade Boy::Ginta Suou
Naruto::Sasuke Uchiha
Rave Master::Haru Glory
Scrapped Princess::Leo
The Twelve Kingdoms::Seishuu&Sekki

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